Hood of a Thunderbird

Hood of a Thunderbird

The decal and reflections of clouds on the hood of a vintage Thunderbird


Reflected Lights

Reflected Lights

Two back-lights reflected onto a chrome bumper on an old Corvette.

VW Beetle or Bug

VW Beetle or Bug

A Beetle VW in front of the San Juan Capistrano Mission in Southern California.

The Hood of an old Cadi

The Hoof of an old Cadi

Again, just like the Ferrari photo I posted earlier, the reflections on the hood are not photo-shopped. This photo was taken in Old Town, San Diego, California.

Palm Tree On Ferrari

Plam Tree On Ferrari

The reflection of the palm tree on the hood of a yellow Ferrari. I promise it is not Photo-shopped.

Water Beads

Water Beads

On an early spring morning, dew had beaded up on a red Oldsmobile adding a special effect to the already impressive car.

Old Impala

Old Cadi

Old Chevrolet Impala convertible with vibrant colors.